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YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube has become an integral part of our lives, so we watch it almost daily. From breakfast to lunch, from work to relaxation, and so on. That’s why YouTube is the most popular Android app after Facebook and Instagram. YouTube Vanced is an excellent alternative. We’ll look at this app from Team Vanced in this post. You can find out why it has become the most popular YouTube app for Android.

The app does have a few drawbacks, though, if you use it for long enough. Android users need more customization options, a convenient video interface, and many other features. This is why many people dislike Google’s official YouTube app.

One of the best modified Youtube apps is YouTube Vanced apk. This app is available for Android devices. This app is a modified version of the YouTube app, so you don’t have to pay for the premium membership to use all its features. YouTube videos are ad-free. The best and most requested feature is background playback. Using this app in the background is not a problem.

There is not a single person today who does not use YouTube; it is the most popular app worldwide. There is a premium version of the app too, which has more amazing features, but you have to purchase it to access them

Teenagers especially need this feature because it allows them to change the theme. This premium version supports dark mode, so you can enjoy this app in the dark. The app has also skipped the ads, so you won’t see any ads.

What is YouTube Vanced Mod Apk?

YouTube has launched its premium version with all the features people have asked for. Its best feature is playing videos in the background, free in the Mod version.

Most users use this app to watch videos, movies, and cartoons, and listen to music. You can do many more things with this app; it’s the most popular app in the world. You can earn money through this app, but you must work hard.

What does it do?

This app offers all the features found in the official YouTube app from Google. However, its interface is smoother and less bulky. As a result, most Android users will have a more convenient experience. The app eliminates all the annoying ads, dull video interface, and many other things people dislike about the official version. As a result, users have access to all the necessary features of their YouTube app.


Key Features

  • Proper AMOLED dark mode is included to save battery life and reduce eye strain.
  • With adblocking enabled, it blocks all ads and allows you to play videos in the background or PiP (Picture in Picture) mode – it is compatible with Android 8.0 and up.
  • Swipe Control controls brightness and volume like other video players such as MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • The auto-repeat feature lets you listen to your favorite songs and videos indefinitely.
  • Is there a need for more enthusiasm for the new comments section or mini-player? Switch to the tablet version, similar to the old version (though slightly buggy).
youtube vanced download
youtube vanced download apk


  • Allows you to override codec options, such as forcing VP9 or H.264 on outdated hardware.
  • You can force 60 fps or HDR playback to be turned off if you want a more cinematic experience. (Our Discord channel or XDA are the places to find the custom device configurations.)
  • Allows you to override screen resolution for clear 4K playback on any device and to set the default video resolution as high or low as you’d like.
  • If your device is capable, you can change the default playback speed from 0.25x to 2x.
  • Toggle home ads, product ads, UI ads, community posts, compact movies, movie shelf removal, compact banners (like covid info), remove comments, and much more!

An annoying sponsor ad that the YouTuber inserts in the middle of the video can now be skipped using a new feature.

Additionally, it lets you skip outros, intros, and requests for likes and subscriptions.

We are Utilizing the here-found API. To learn more about how this API functions, click the link.

It contains the option to contribute to the community and submit your segments to the API.

Complete control over whether a sponsored segment is skipped automatically, with a skip button displayed, or not at all.

Highlights the segments in the timeline/seek bar in a specific color according to their category.

youtube vanced download app
youtube vanced latest version

Return YouTube™ Dislike

Remove the dislike counter in reverse, allowing you to see the videos’ dislike count again.

It is Utilizing this Return YouTubeTM Dislike API. Click here for more details on how it operates.

It uses advanced userbase dislike submissions and extension data to estimate the total dislikes for new videos. For older videos, it uses archived dislike data.

Built-in Ad Blocker

An ad blocker is built into this modified version of YouTube. There are no ads on Youtube, so you can watch all the videos and movies without interruptions. Ad blocker in the app blocks all the ads and sponsor ads so that you can have a better viewing experience. This app has a background playback feature that allows it to be used in the background. Videos and music will continue to play in the background. You cannot get these features in the regular app version, but you can get them free in this modified version.

HDR Mode and Pinch to Zoom

You can watch all videos in HDR quality using Forced HRD Mode. HDR quality is available for watching videos and movies. Watch your favorite videos and movies in high definition. All Android devices support pinch to zoom. Videos can be zoomed in on small screens to fit. In this app, you can apply some secondary themes. YouTube apps can be customized with great themes.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

A great feature of Picture-in-Picture is the ability to minimize the video for multitasking. In picture mode, you can minimize the video screen and drag it over the screen. A video window-style mode is also available. The option to set videos on repeat is available. The repeat feature allows you to watch videos repeatedly without touching the screen.

All features on YouTube

In YouTube Vanced, all the valuable features most users love are kept since it is built on the official YouTube version. With this, you’ll still have access to all the features on your official YouTube app. It even has the same interface as the official version. New users will find the app relatively easy to use if they have previously used the official YouTube app.

Watch videos in floating windows

The app allows users to watch videos while doing other things on their Android devices. When this feature is enabled, you can create a floating window that displays your videos’ content. As a result, you can still watch YouTube videos while browsing the web or taking notes.

Log in to Google Account

Logging into your Google account is necessary to watch videos on YouTube because it gives you access to content relevant to your interests. Other YouTube mods or independent apps have yet to traditionally offer the option to sign in with your Google account. This disappointed Many users because it lacked videos uploaded by their preferred content producers and suggested videos based on their Google accounts.

However, YouTube Vanced resolved this problem. With Youtube Vanced, you can now sign in with your Google account. In essence, this means that you will have access to all of your subscribed channels and suggestions like on the official app.

MicroG is an app that comes with Youtube Advanced. You can easily log in to your Google account using MicroG. Then, you can use Youtube Vanced with your Google account.

Listen to music in the background

Moreover, users can also play music videos on YouTube in the background while they perform other tasks on their phones without opening the YouTube app. You can even turn off your smartphone’s screen and still hear the music. For YouTube users who listen to music often, this is extremely useful.

Change the resolution

The YouTube Vanced app allows users to adjust the video resolution while watching videos. But that isn’t all. Video resolution can even be overridden and converted to match your device’s resolution. With this feature, you will be able to utilize the larger screen on devices with the new 18:9 screen ratio.

Remove all annoying ads

Finally, YouTube Vanced lets users safely remove all the annoying ads that pop up while watching videos. Thus, you can enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted video experience without interruption. You can still choose to watch ads on videos from specific channels if you want to support them.

Intuitive swipe controls

Additionally, the app features intuitive swipe controls that let users quickly adjust certain aspects of the videos to make them more engaging. You can adjust brightness and sound by swiping up and down on the two sides of the screen. The physical buttons won’t be needed, so you’ll have a continuous video experience.

Different theme

The YouTube Vanced creators also enabled a customizable theme feature so users could enjoy their YouTube app even more. Three themes are available here: Black, Dark, and White. Black and Dark themes will soothe your eyes. We recommend choosing the White theme if you want to protect your eyes. You can choose the one that best fits your preferences.

Save Offline

Video apps now have the option to save videos offline. Previously, this app was only accessible when the Internet was available. In this app now, you can download the video you want to watch so that you can watch them without an Internet connection. The app now offers the save offline feature, which you will love so much. After 30 days, you’ll need to download those videos again.

Earn Through YouTube

This app can also earn real money, making you more independent. You only have to create your own YouTube channel and reach a certain number of subscribers. Then you can place ads on your track and earn money. If you want more subscribers on your channel, you have to put effort and time into improving your silly mistakes if you’re going to gain more subscribers.

HD Quality Videos

HD video quality is the most demanded by users since no one wants low-quality videos. You can watch videos in this app in 720p quality, which is a clear resolution. If the users have a good Internet connection, they will not have any quality problems.

Watch Later

This app also has a feature called Watch later, which can be used if you run out of storage and can no longer download videos. Using this feature, you can move videos you wish to watch to a folder called watch later. The videos will be saved there without finding them, but you will need an Internet connection to watch them.

Free to use

The developer of Team Vanced is kind to keep the app free. It is surprising that they won’t charge a penny for all those fantastic features. If you enjoy the app, please tell your friends about it or donate to the developers so they can gain more reputation.

Theme Change

Since every app is now available in both day and night mode, everyone is also asking for dark mode on this app. The premium version of this app allows us to change our app’s theme. It means that you will be able to change the day and night theme of our app. You can use mod versions for free.

Background Play

The most popular video app in the world, users have always wanted this background play feature. In the premium version, you can play videos even if you don’t have the app open. However, this requires an in-app purchase because this is a premium feature. This feature is available for free in the Mod version.

Skip Ads in Videos

This application’s ads in between videos are the most hated feature. The premium version skips all the ads, but it costs money. The Mod version gives you these features for free, so why not download it?

Auto-repeat videos

The auto-repeat videos feature is another reason why this app is so popular. With YouTube Vanced, users can rewatch their favorite videos whenever they like. You can easily replay your favorite playlist or MV multiple times without having to reconfigure your device.

The setting is a little tricky

To make the most of YouTube Vanced, users must have a basic understanding of the app and its features. To better understand the app, spend some time reading and watching the tutorials. This app is relatively tricky to use for new users, especially regarding advanced features.

Zoom in and out of your videos

YouTube Vanced allows users to zoom in and out of videos while watching them on their Android devices. This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to spot specific details in a video. Low-resolution videos, however, won’t work since you won’t be able to see anything.

Choose your preferred speed

Last but not least, YouTube Vanced also supports customized playing speeds on Android devices. Using this, you can easily adjust the playback speed of your videos, allowing for great entertainment.

No support from Google Play Store

In addition, because the app has violated all the Terms of Service from the Google Play Store, it won’t be available on this platform, so you’ll have to download the APK file from somewhere else. You should choose their official or our website for the best version. Additionally, you can avoid viruses and malware by using this method.

YouTube Vanced Requirements

It’s compatible with most Android devices because it’s based on YouTube’s official app. In addition, the app is compatible with both non-rooted and rooted devices. The APK file can be downloaded and installed from their website.

Also, make sure you download the Micro G file, which can also be found on the official website. This is required to log into YouTube Vanced. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and you’re ready to enjoy the app.

How to Install for Android

As you know, the original old Vanced developer stopped working on the Vanced project last year, which was unexpected. ReVanced then appears as a real-life hero with more distinctive and unique features. And we’re pleased to re-share the ReVanced Patcher-compatible Vanced YouTube with you.

  • The good news is that installing it on your Android device couldn’t be simpler; you only have to download the APK file using the Micro G app and then use the most recent version of YT Vanced without any errors or buffing. You can now follow the flawless installation instructions for the Vanced app below.
YT Vanced
  • Numerous websites claim to offer the official Vanced app, but should you believe them or not? Different types of scammers are waiting for your personal information after Vanced officially closes. Ensure you have downloaded the APK file from before downloading the app because we guarantee it is free of malware and other potentially harmful code. (Please review the results of the VirusTotal Scan.)
YouTube Vanced
  • The two APK files (YouTube + MicroG) must now be manually installed on your Android device. So locate the downloaded APK files in your device’s file manager and click on them. It will now ask you to enable “unknown sources,” so don’t hesitate to do so because it is safe. You can also turn off the setting after installing the APK file.
Vanced YT
  • It will take some time to install, but you must also install the MicroG app; otherwise, YouTube Advanced may not function and may force you to the home screen’s default setting. After installing both apps, go to the first one’s settings and enable the autostart feature. Open Advanced YouTube after that to enjoy all of the content without any glitches and use the most recent version based on a recent official YouTube update. Additionally, you can sign in with your Google account to access additional YouTube features.
YouTube Vanced & YouTube Music Vanced app

Common Errors And Their Solutions

If There Were No Internet Connection Error, What Would Be the Issue?

Solutions: Delete your account from Advanced MicroG, or try a VPN (if you’ve tried one before). If you have used heavily customized Android versions such as MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc., wipe your Vanced MicroG & YouTube Vanced & YouTube Music Vanced app data and cache before enabling auto-start for Vanced MicroG.

Application Not Installed Issue?

Solutions: Make some storage space available now, and then try again. It would help to uninstall the official YouTube Vanced client downloaded from Vanced Manager before reinstalling. The signature mismatch is the cause. Make sure YouTube Music Vanced’s Universal version is already downloaded before continuing.

App Crashes Upon Opening Issue?

Solutions: Install Vanced MicroG again, or switch off battery optimization. Once Advanced MicroG has started automatically (on heavily customized OS like MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.), you can let it run in the background. The data and cache of the app. Update the YouTube Vanced client.

Not Responding When Watching Videos Is a Problem?

Solutions: If your YouTube Advanced ever stops responding when you try to watch a video, the cause is probably the YouTube Dislike Button. RYD attempted to get the dislikes from the API once but could not do so due to unstable network conditions, making YouTube unresponsive. If your network connection is frequently erratic, disable RYD in the settings.

Is it responding improperly while I’m not watching any videos?

Solutions: Check your smartphone to ensure the most recent official YouTube version is compatible. Older devices frequently experience this issue because of outdated hardware.

There was a problem parsing the package; what is it?

Solutions: First, ensure your current Android version complies with the minimum requirements for Android versions. Or download the APK file again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Youtube Vanced APK for iOS devices?

Since Apple strictly forbids downloading third-party apps outside the App Store, there is sadly no official Youtube Vanced APK for iOS devices. Consequently, the app is limited to Android devices. Installing the Youtube ++ app from the third-party app store on iOS devices is another fantastic way to use Youtube Vanced. As you may be aware, YouTube Vanced has grown to be a top-rated app, and in the meantime, this app hopes to attract many iOS device users. But sadly, the advanced team has not yet created this app for iOS. Therefore, if you’re looking for YouTube Vanced for iOS, you should be aware that it isn’t currently available for iOS.

How to update Youtube Vanced APK?

The most recent APK file for Youtube Vanced must be downloaded from our website to be updated. We are YouTube Vanced’s authorized suppliers. You can install the new version on your device using the exact installation instructions as before after downloading it.

Is it safe to use Youtube Vanced APK?

As long as you download Youtube Vanced APK from a trustworthy source like us, it is generally considered safe. However, downloading the APK file from unreliable sources can still be dangerous for your device’s security because it might be infected with viruses or malware. Consequently, it is advised to download Youtube Vanced APK from a reliable source. Our company is the authorized distributor of Youtube Vanced APK.

Is it legal to use Youtube Vanced APK?

Since using Youtube Vanced APK involves changing the official Youtube app to include extra missing features from the original app, it technically violates Youtube’s Terms of Service. However, there is some ambiguity surrounding the legality of using the Youtube Vanced APK, and using it entirely is not prohibited. There is no simple, correct answer, so one should always give people the benefit of the doubt. There are millions of users, and you ought to join them.

How to fix common issues with Youtube Vanced APK?

The best course of action is to uninstall and reinstall Youtube Vanced if you experience any problems with the APK version of the program. You can contact us if the issue still exists, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Is YouTube Vanced Still Working in 2023?

YouTube Vanced, created by XDA Senior Dev Master_T, is one of the most well-liked and practical YouTube modded apps currently available. Unfortunately, Google LLC has removed this app from its store due to its lack of premium-feeling extra features. The good news is that you can once more use this YouTube Advanced App on your Android device with fully updated features and a better user experience thanks to a new developer.

Is YouTube Vanced Free?

This is a modified version of the original YouTube application with many fantastic features that users adore using. Additionally, no subscription fee is required to use this app; it is free and secure.

How to install for Android?

Installing YouTube Advanced for iOS on an Android device is incredibly simple. You must download the provided APK file, interact with the tutorial, and start using the paid features for nothing. Additionally, you can set up the Vanced Manager APK as usual, from which you can download all the advanced apps without charge.

Is This YouTube Vanced Official?

Millions of users rely on and use YouTube Vanced APK, a popular modded version of the official YouTube app. This APK app offers numerous cutting-edge and modern features not present in the official version. You can watch videos without ads, have them play in the background on your device, use picture-in-picture mode, utilize sponsor-blocking functionality, and much more with YouTube Vanced. It’s crucial to remember that even though Google LLC designed and created this app, it is not technically official. The official Vanced team does not require you to use this app.

Did Youtube Vanced shut down 2023?

Yes, YouTube Vanced has indeed been discontinued; however, this app has taken over the development of other XDA developers and is now carrying on the YouTube Vanced project once more. And there are no errors when using the most recent version of the YouTube Vanced app for Android.

Best alternative for YouTube Vanced?

And you’re still not interested in using YouTube Vanced. In that case, you can use the best substitute, NewPipe, available as an app. It is free to use on Android and has features similar to YouTube Vanced.

It’s illegal to use YouTube Vanced APK?

As I’ve already told you, this is a modified version of the YouTube app that isn’t offered in the Google Play Store. And XDA Senior Dev Master_T created this app. You are a user of this app, which offers features like background playback and ad-free video viewing. So if you use this app, you don’t need to be concerned.